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Goal Setting – Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Perhaps you have a vague idea of where you want to go or what you want to accomplish in your work or personal life. You might even be passionate about achieving it. But when it comes to creating an action plan that contains specific steps, you’ve not given it much thought because you’re too busy heading toward your destination. You have difficulty accomplishing your dreams and your wishes and you continually find yourself wandering off the path and doing good things, but not the best things.

This session will help you achieve your objectives and accomplish more by using amazingly simple end effective techniques for setting and achieving any goal in your work or life. You will also learn a little known secret, which guarantees that you will not fail in your journey of pursuing a life time of success.

Decision Making – Making Good Decisions and Solving Problems

Perhaps you believe that if you just think hard and long enough about a problem, you will make good decisions. And yet, you constantly agonize over decisions and procrastinate until it’s too late. You can’t decide what to do next and you keep missing opportunities and squandering your resources.

This session will give you practical ways to make better and more effective decisions that guarantee positive results. Not only will you learn what prevents you from making good decisions, but you will also acquire the ability to implement the nine-step process for solving any problem as you begin making quality decisions and approach any problem with an innovative mindset.

Delegation – Delegating for Results

You have too much to do, so you assign a responsibility to someone else, who fails to achieve the intended results. You take back the assignment, but you run out of time and the quality suffers or you miss your deadline. Rather than delegating an assignment, most leaders simply “dump” work on someone and the results are less than desirable.

In this session, you will improve your delegation skills as you review the causes of improper delegation and recognize the eight steps to effective delegation. This will ensure that you avoid failed projects, accomplish your goals, and develop the abilities of your team members.

Time Management – Managing Your Time Before It Manages You

Well, it’s happened again. The deadline is at your doorstep and you have run out of time. How could this have happened? A few months ago you had plenty of time and yet, it’s vanished right before your eyes. You scramble to complete the project by staying late at the office or taking work home. The quality will suffer and errors are inevitable. Sound familiar?

One of your most mismanaged resources may very well be your inability to manage your time. Poor time management can lead to a variety of unfortunate consequences, such as missing deadlines, failing to finish projects, failing to keep to a schedule, and being less productive overall, which may result in losing revenue, promotions or even a job. However, proper management of your time can give you greater confidence, eliminate stress, and improve your self-image.

This training session will help you overcome procrastination and control interruptions in your work and life. You will accomplish more of your goals and become known as the can-do person in your organization, which will lead to more lucrative opportunities. As you conduct a Time Efficiency Audit and create a Time Efficiency Action Plan, you will be able to set boundaries and focus on your priorities, which will help you achieve more in the same amount of time or less.

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