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Leadership Style — Defining and Understanding Your Leadership Style

You are leading people the way you have always led people. However, for some reason you’re not achieving the positive results that you have always achieved. Is it them or is it you? If you asked your team members to define your leadership style, would they see you as you see yourself when it comes to being their leader? Do you have one style of leadership or are you able to adapt your style to fit the situation or the team?

This session will help you clearly define your existing leadership style by examining not only your personal behavior, but also by comparing yourself to a variety of other examples of leadership. You will also explore how your formative development impacts your current style of leadership. This will enable you to recognize when your current leadership choices are not effective and how to manage your leadership style in order to achieve maximum results with an individual team member or a team.

Organizing Your Work and Life — Arranging Your “Stuff” to Achieve More

You look around your office and you stare at the piles of paper on your desk. The collection of items in your inbox grows higher every day. When someone asks you for a document, you can’t remember IF you’ve filed it or WHERE you’ve filed it. You bring back notes and documents from a meeting and you don’t have any place to put them. You keep telling yourself, “Someday I’m going to organize all of this stuff.” But someday never comes.

A disorganized workplace environment contributes to a stressful environment, which leads to low productivity and an underlying feeling of anxiety and hopelessness. A messy workplace often produces less than adequate results and overtime, it takes a toll on your emotions.

This session will equip you to break free from the bondage of a cluttered life and enable you to effectively use your time in a way that will produce maximum efficiency in a relaxed manner. You will learn how to practice stress-free productivity by using your space and simple tools to organize your “stuff” and take control of your workflow.

Adversity Management — Surviving and Overcoming Difficult Times

Every day in your journey through life you encounter some type of adversity or difficulty. It may be a grain of sand in your shoe, a slight bump in the road, a detour, an ambush from a roadside villain or an onslaught from a torrential storm. Most of the time you’re able to push on through. Occasionally, you have to slow down or change direction. There are also times when you simply feel like pulling off the road and coming to a complete stop as you wonder if there is any reason to even continue the journey.

This session provides simple, practical techniques and tools that will enable you to navigate through the storm and arrive safely at your destination with peace and confidence. You will learn how to understand the origin and nature of the life and work challenges that are confronting you and how to successfully manage and overcome these challenges. You will also learn how to utilize your strengths and the support others in order to help you complete your journey with clarity, confidence and courage.

Stress Management — Managing and Eliminating Stress in Your Work and Life

You are having trouble concentrating and your aches and pains are more frequent. You feel overwhelmed and your sleep pattern has been interrupted. Your diet is erratic and you are either hurrying everywhere or you’re in a fog of depression. Perhaps you’re ill, but it’s also likely that you are in one of the three stages of stress. More than half of working adults in America say they are concerned about the amount of stress in their life and it’s not getting any better. Prolonged stress takes a toll on your physical and emotional well-being and negatively affects your work and personal life.

This session will help you prolong your life and perhaps save your career and your relationships by understanding what happens to your body when you experience stress. You will learn the effects of prolonged stress and how to eliminate and relieve the stress you are experiencing which will result in the ability to think clearly, make better decisions and enjoy life.

Burnout in the Workplace – Recognizing and Overcoming Apathy and Exhaustion

As you sit there looking at your action list and the stacks of paper on your desk, you wonder what happened. For some unknown reason the passion and drive that you once had for your career or calling in life has diminished. Although it began slowly, your energy and drive are draining out of you at an ever increasing rate and it’s beginning to take a toll on your work and your personal life. Your fuel is running low and you realize that you’re burning out and possibly heading for a crash.

If you do nothing and simply let the burnout take its course, cynicism, depression, and fatigue will begin to creep into your life and the results can be devastating. Emotional, mental and physical health issues may appear with disturbing results.

This session will not only enable you to understand the signs, causes and stages of your burnout, but it will also empower you to take simple steps and immediate actions that will help you diminish your stress and anxiety while regaining your original passion, motivation and commitment to your work and your relationships.

Career Transition — Successfully Moving from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be in Your Career

Are you in a job or career that seems to be going nowhere? Perhaps you’re looking for work without a clear understanding of what you really want to do. You’d like to discover your career calling, but you have no idea where to begin.

Imagine having the career that you really desire and experiencing a healthier, happier, and more productive life, void of your current level of stress or anxiety. Envision doing what you really want to do while earning a desirable income.

This session will enable you to discover a career that is right for you by understanding how your unique behavior, interests, and values influence your career choice. You will also learn how to implement the Career Success Network System®, which is a unique tool that will enable you to effectively enlist the help of friends and acquaintances who will assist you in discovering your chosen career. Whether you’re stuck in a career that’s going nowhere or you’re a student wanting to discover the right career, course of study, or college, this session is designed to guide you to a career path that will enable you to make a living doing what you REALLY want to do.

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