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Thank you for completing the free ReWorkMe Survey! I hope you found the information in the Basic Report interesting.

You may also have looked at the sample of the Full report, and you may want to see your own Full report. Your Full report contains a huge amount of useful information about careers, schools, and courses of study that you match.

To access the information in your own personal Full Report, please contact me. You can choose an option that best meets your needs.


Basic Session

If you simply want someone to guide you through the Full Report, the Basic Session is for you. I’ll call you and guide you through the report while you watch on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We’ll talk about how to work with the report results and how you can explore career and job possibilities. Afterward I’ll provide access to your Full Report, which you can then review at your convenience. The Full Report will never expire.

The Basic Session will take about 30-45 minutes and costs $49.


Discovery Session

For Students and Adults

If you’re considering a college, a course of study, or a change of career, and would like some personal advice based on your Full Report, the Discovery Session allows us to explore the results in considerable detail.

When we meet, we’ll discuss your interests, hobbies, and any jobs you’ve had or currently have, and then review your Full Report in detail, uncovering themes and identifying possibilities. We’ll discuss your ideas and plans, and then come up with a recommended path forward.

We recommend a face-to-face conversation for a Discovery Session whenever possible, but a virtual session is also available.

The Discovery Session will take about 90 minutes and costs $149.


DiscoveryPlus Session

For Students

The DiscoveryPlus Session allows you to include up to two other people, such as your parents or friends, and we can arrange that as well.

We recommend a face-to-face conversation for a DiscoveryPlus Session whenever possible, but a virtual session is also available.

The DiscoveryPlus Session will take about 90 minutes and costs $169.


Not Finding Something You Need?

If you want to see and discuss your Full Report, but the options above don’t meet your exact needs, just call or email me using my contact details above and we’ll work something out.


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