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When your church uses the ReWorkMe Church Program, it’s able to find matching ministry opportunities for every church member quickly and efficiently.

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The bulk of the work of implementing and managing the “Your Serve” ministry program can be done by church members. Therefore, significant oversight by the church staff is not necessarily required.

  1. Each key ministry leader (staff and/or volunteer) in the church supplies ReWorkMe with a list of ministry service opportunities. ReWorkMe works directly with each ministry leader to develop this list. All of the ministry service opportunities are uploaded into the ReWorkMe System.
  2. The church recommends, and ReWorkMe trains, suitable church members as members of the Connection Team. These Connection Team members will assist church members in completing the Survey and reviewing the results in order to discover matching ministry service opportunities to which God is calling them.
  3. The church publicizes the “Your Serve” program to church members.
  4. Connection Team members work directly with church members, supplying them with a web link to answer the Survey and showing them how to identify specific ministries that interest them. This can be accomplished through small groups or individually.
  5. When church members have answered the Survey, the ReWorkMe system alerts the appropriate Connection Team member who contacts the church member to a) help them select the ministry in which they interested in serving and b) introduce them directly to the ministry leader corresponding to their selected ministry choice.


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