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Many churches and volunteer organizations face the common challenge of enlisting enough members to serve in all of the volunteer positions. The unfortunate result is that 20% of the members often do 80% of the work. This can result in burnout, mediocre performance and apathy.

Imagine the profound difference it would make if a church or volunteer organization could reverse this trend by matching every member with a service opportunity that motivated them to serve and brought personal fulfillment. Imagine having every service opportunity fully staffed by volunteers. Imagine creating new service opportunities due to the increase of additional volunteers.

The result would be increased energy, exceptional performance, and a passion for serving.

ReWorkMe solves this common challenge in a very simple and effective manner. Each church or volunteer organization member completes an online questionnaire that aligns their personal interests and values with the organization’s custom database of corresponding ministry or service opportunities. This enables every member to be matched with a ministry or service opportunity for which they are designed. The church or volunteer organization can then recruit a larger number of people to do what they enjoy.

One of the unique added advantages of the ReWorkMe process is that it can be operated by volunteers without having to add any additional responsibilities to the role of any staff member.

To discover how to help more of your church members or volunteer organization discover their life calling in service, contact us.

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