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Selecting and Hiring – Selecting and Hiring the Right Person for the Right Position

You’re faced with the daunting task of hiring a new member of your ministry team. Where do you begin? How do you communicate your need outside the walls of your church? How do you sort through the mountains of resumes? When you finally make the offer, how can you be sure that you hired the right person? If you make a poor hire, the immediate and long term results can be devastating. However, it it’s done correctly, you can ensure that you will select a quality ministry team member who will add value to your organization and have a positive impact on other team members.

This session will guide you through the six-step process of selecting and hiring the correct candidate for the right position as you accurately describe the position, review the resumes, discover the candidate’s authentic personality, determine the candidate’s competencies, compare the candidate with the supervisor, which may be you, regarding similarities and differences and make the offer. This will result in an efficient and talented addition to your team and your church staff, which will enable your team to be unified as they effectively work together to accelerate productivity and achieve greater success.

Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals That Work – Designing a Healthy Accountability and Feedback Process

You’re getting ready to conduct the annual review with a paid staff member a ministry volunteer. You sit there staring at a job description, which is simply an outdated list of bulleted statements that vaguely describe what the person is expected to do in order to achieve success. Although your direct interaction with this person during the past year has been irregular at best, you review a list of universal workplace or ministry competencies that have been evaluated by the individual and by you. Your task is to provide an accurate and fair assessment of this person that will determine whether or not there will be a salary increase, promotion, reprimand or reward. It’s the least enjoyable part of the job for you and for the team member.

This session enables you to develop an accurate and clear description of each person’s role and responsibility¾paid or volunteer. Thus, helping you to clarify the expectations of the job, while giving the person the opportunity to know how to achieve success. It also provides a process for establishing a healthy, fair, accurate and customized performance appraisal for each individual and developing a continual improvement process that provides a solid foundation for the growth and development of each member of your team.


Meeting Management – Designing and Leading Productive Meetings

As you walk down the hall heading toward the weekly meeting with your ministry team, you ask yourself, “Does anyone REALLY want to attend this meeting?” The participants usually look bored. Most people don’t pay attention. The conversations keep getting off track and often people leave feeling frustrated, confused, and unmotivated. And the real problem is ¾ you’re leading the meeting!

Why is that so many intelligent people, spend so much of their important time in so many meetings and accomplish so few results? Most ministry leaders spend, on average,

12-20 hours per week in meetings. Yet, most of them say that at least 50% of their meeting time is unproductive. Many meeting attendees admit to daydreaming, missing the meeting or part of the meeting, bringing other work to the meeting, and even dozing during the meeting.

Would people continue to tolerate ineffective meetings if they knew the real cost? Not only is there an economic cost in wages, but there is also the cost associated with the anguish of low morale, lethargy, cynicism and even low self-esteem due to poor meetings.

This training will enable you to design an effective agenda, keep the meeting on track, accomplish better results and manage the time, which will lead to an increase in the pride and ownership of the team members, increased motivation and productivity, as well improved communication regarding existing activities and future plans.

Team Development – Building a Healthy High Performance Team

You have been assigned the role of team leader. Your task is to motivate a group of individuals in such a way that they move in the same direction and achieve significant results as a high performing team. What will make them want to work together? What will motivate them to follow you? If you stumble, resources will be wasted, egos will clash, goals will not be achieved and your role as team leader may even be called into question. If you succeed, your team members will develop an environment of unity, the people to whom you minister will have their needs met through better and innovative solutions, your church will be healthy and your ministry career will be on a path toward success.

This training session will enable you to lay a foundation of trust and respect and bring divergent views into agreement. As a ministry team leader you will be able to nurture empowered creativity and manage change as your team works together to achieve a common goal.

Change Management – Managing Change before it Manages You

As a leader in your church, you are constantly faced with change. If managed incorrectly, the results can be frustrating at best and catastrophic at worse. Poorly managed change can result in the loss of resources, reputation, paid staff, volunteer workers and even giving.

When change is managed well, it creates an environment of optimism. A positive ministry workplace atmosphere creates a foundation of trust and cooperation that motivates team members to work together to implement the necessary changes and produce rewarding results.

This session is designed to present an effective model for change and provide helpful tools that will enable you to facilitate proactive and constructive change in your ministry, while communicating and collaborating with key leaders.

Values Clarification – Clarifying Your Ministry Values and Principles

As you sit in your chair and stair into space, you wonder, “What made you do what you just did?” Is that who you really are? Perhaps you are not the person that others think you are.” The decisions you make and the actions you take are, to a large degree, determined by your core values. This is not only true for you, but it’s also true for your team members. Do the values of your ministry team say one thing and yet, the behavior is quite different?

Your individual values and your team values are the lenses through which you view yourself and your world and they have a significant impact on your credibility. As your values develop, they are crystalized and prioritized to form a value system that defines who you are and clarifies the character and brand of your ministry and church. When values are unclear, decisions become situational and the end result is usually negative. When, “It depends” is the catch phrase for your life and your ministry team or church, the individual and collective conscience is nebulous and the future is hazy and uncertain. However, when your individual and team values are understood and aligned with your foundational ministry purposes, it’s easy to make decisions and the direction is clear to you and everyone involved.

This session will enable you and your team to clarify and recognize the values and principles that serve as the foundation for all of your decisions and actions. This will equip your team with boundaries that will provide accountability for each team member and create a safe environment for dialog between team members

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