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Listening Effectively – Learning More by Listening

Your ministry supervisor or an employee or church member is speaking to you about something they believe is very important and when they stop speaking to you, they ask, “What do you think?” You stand there for a moment and think to yourself, “What did they just say?” Does this sound familiar?  Because almost half of your communication time with others is spent listening, mastering this most important skill should be a paramount goal. Outstanding leaders are outstanding listeners.

Unfortunately, most people only remember 25–50 percent of what they hear. This results in misunderstanding, conflict, errors, ineffective decisions, costly mistakes, hurt feelings, loss of team cohesion and much more.

This session will help you avoid the filters that hinder quality listening. You will also gain understanding regarding the levels of listening while learning how to use seven practical steps you can take in order to become a more effective listener. This will result in healthier relationships, greater productivity, possible promotions and better client and customer satisfaction.

Healthy Conversations – Using Dialogue to Build Quality Relationships

You talk to people every day and many of your conversations could not be described as meaningful life-changing dialogs. Why are some people able to build a network of relationships and attract others to themselves? Every person you meet can enrich your life and help you achieve success.

This training will teach you how to practice four timeless principles of relationship and help you to discover how to have a healthy conversation with anyone you meet. You will learn how to speak to others in a meaningful way that will not only enable them to contribute to your success, but will also enable you to help them accomplish God’s calling in their life.

Conflict Resolution – Resolving Conflicts in Your Ministry and Life

Whenever two or more people interact with each other there will inevitably be an opportunity for some type of friction, difference or disharmony because every person is a unique collection of behaviors, beliefs and ideologies. Perhaps you are experiencing a conflict with someone in your ministry or in your personal life. It may be a simple disagreement or it may have erupted into a full scale battle. Either way, it’s having a negative impact on your work, your ministry and your life. The effect of this conflict has been reduced productivity, bad decisions, low morale and health issues.

This session will provide you with helpful resources that will enable you understand the nature of the conflict and achieve reconciliation by using your individual differences as a foundation for achieving unity in your relationships.

Negotiating to Win – Successfully Achieving What You Want While Helping Others to Achieve What They Want

Every day you encounter situations in which you bargain with a staff member, a church member, a friend or a family member to get what you want. Sometimes you win the negotiation and sometimes you lose. However, negotiation doesn’t have to be viewed as an adversarial contest in which one person feels a sense of gain and the other person feels a sense of loss. Quality negotiation enables each participant to experience gain from a mutually accepted agreement while still maintaining the relationship between the two parties.

Poor or ineffective negotiation produces negative emotions such as anger, regret and sadness, which can lead to damaged relationships as well as missed opportunities.

This session will improve your negotiation skills and enable you to maintain the relationship with the other person, while deriving the greatest benefit for each of you. You will walk away from the table with a feeling of success and the possibility of entering into future negotiations. Not only will you will learn key elements behind interest-based negotiating, but you will also be able to implement the practical steps to negotiating a win-win outcome in your next bargaining opportunity.

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