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When You Get Squeezed, Do You Like What Comes Out?

It’s a scientific fact that when you remove the cap from a tube containing an ingredient and squeeze the tube, whatever is inside the tube will come out. You wouldn’t expect to squeeze a tube of toothpaste and get glue.

People are similar to a tube that has been squeezed. Whatever is in them will come out whenever they are compressed by enough pressure. This squeezing is often called stress, and it has a way of pushing out whatever is inside of us when we are pressed hard enough.

Sometimes, what you usually observe in others is not the same as what you receive from them when stress enters their life. For example, some people who are relatively congenial may become loud and belligerent when stress wraps its prickly hand around their life. Occasionally, someone known as a people-person will retreat to a quiet place and assume the posture of a clam when they are confronted by stress.

These stress reactions are defense mechanisms that mask what’s really inside in a person, which is often the fear of loss. When stress invades one’s space, the response is fight or flight. Raising your voice or walking away from a stressful situation can drive the stress monster back from where it came, but the villain soon returns.

The problem with this type of approach to handling stress is that you never know when your stress reaction will raise its ugly head. If often happens when you least expect it.

The best way to guarantee a positive reaction to the stress that will, no doubt, appear in your life sooner or later is to examine those deep-seated anxieties and fears in your life before you’re squeezed. Be intentional and mindful about putting things into your life when you are not in stress, which will eliminate your inward dread and remove your adverse and automatic reactions to stress.

If you would like help knowing how to fill your inward self with things that will eliminate your anxieties and cause positive reactions to flow out of you when you are under stress, contact us at ReWorkMe. We’ve been doing this for over four decades, and we’re really good at helping people eliminate the harmful effects of stress and live a more fulfilling life.




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