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An Investment Guaranteed to Pay BIG Dividends

When it comes to financial investments, everyone is looking for a “sure thing.” An investment that continually returns more than you invest is considered to be a fantastic investment.

Would you like to know about an investment you can make, which is guaranteed to pay big dividends on a regular basis? It’s not a financial investment, but it HAS been shown to lead to financial gain. I’m speaking about a relational investment called “appreciation.”

Unfortunately, many leaders are reluctant to dole out appreciation on a regular basis. This misguided philosophy argues, “If someone is asked to do something and they do it, there’s no reason to show appreciation for their effort. They are simply doing what they are paid to do.” This line of reasoning suggests that appreciation is reserved only for those who exceed the basic requirements of the task. You can verify this by thinking about your previous week. How many times did you receive appreciation from someone in for the basic customary assignments you accomplished?

Showing appreciation to someone is like putting coins in the bank. If you attempt to make a withdrawal from a bank without depositing anything, it’s considered to be either a loan or a robbery. It works the same way with people. When you invest in others and show them appreciation for what they do, even if it appears to be a routine task, you are putting coins in their relational bank. Therefore, if you have to make a relational withdrawal, you will not have to ask for a loan and it will not be considered robbery.

The easiest way to show appreciation to others is to say, “Thank you for what you did. I really appreciate your work.” It really is that simple.

If you’re looking for a sure investment, begin investing in others by showing appreciation. I guarantee it will pay BIG dividends.

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