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An Investment That Brings Rewards

While driving down the freeway in Houston earlier this week, I saw a large billboard hosted by a local trade school that caught my attention. In large white bold letters it proclaimed, “Train for 7 Months and Weld for Life.”  In smaller letters, it provided the name of the trade school and contact information.

My initial response was, “Wow! Thanks a great deal.” All you have to do is invest seven months of your life, and probably some financial resources, and you can have a job for the rest of your life. Not a bad payoff. Bottom-lline—Investing in yourself brings rewards. 

For many of us life and work seem to get in the way of our investment in ourselves. As I coach leaders in both profit and non-profit organizations, I continually hear, “I’ve been so busy with my life and work that I don’t have time to do something for just me. Someone else always needs something from me.” If you’re struggling in your life or career, you’re probably not investing in yourself.

When we invest in ourselves, we receive “appreciating benefits.” It’s like building a solid and secure foundation upon which one can build a fulfilling life and career.

So the question is, “How are you investing in yourself?” Perhaps you could read a book or attend a class and learn something you’ve always wanted to learn. Leisure Learning Houston has a number of short-term and low-cost classes that can help you learn something new. Maybe you can take a long walk, listen to some music or pick up that musical instrument you haven’t played for years. You might even want to get some exercise or some much-needed sleep.

At ReWorkMe we are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations in achieving their life purpose by investing in themselves. Contact Us and let us know how we can help you invest in yourself.



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