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Should You Wait for Success?

In 1986, the H.J. Heinz Company ran an ad campaign that featured people in somewhat hurried situations waiting for their Heinz® Tomato Ketchup. The advertisement tagline was, “The best things come to those who wait.” The overarching theme was that the thick and rich ketchup was worth the wait and people didn’t mind waiting for it.

You’ve probably heard someone describe something as being “worth the wait.” Not only is this statement generally true, it’s also scientifically accurate. Dr. Jan Peters, in the Department of Systems Neuroscience at the University Medical Centre in Hamburg, said: “Humans normally prefer larger over smaller rewards, but this situation can change when the larger rewards are associated with delays.”

According to Dr. Peters, most people will tell you they don’t enjoy waiting unless the wait will bring a significant reward. However, when the delays in receiving the larger reward begin to increase, most people will choose not to wait and will accept a smaller reward. Elias Dominguez, a spokesperson for the Mega Millions Lottery, proves this point by saying that when people win the lottery, “most people want all their money now” because they’re not sure what’s going to happen in the future.

Dr. Peters also claims, “Our results reveal that vividly imagining the future reduced impulsive choice.” When it comes to achieving your goals and acquiring significant rewards, patience can be a virtue if you create a future that is compelling enough to pull you past the mediocrity of trivial rewards and into a realm of astonishing achievement.

Take a few minutes to imagine that it’s two years from today. Paint an intensely vivid picture of what’s occurring in your life. You’ve achieved the “one thing” you desire. How do you feel? How do you look? What are you able to do that you couldn’t do? What are others saying about you? In essence, why are you elated about the change in your life? At ReWorkMe, we call this actively waiting for success.

Once you have this image of your future clearly in your mind and on paper, review it every day and you will be amazed at how it will draw you into a future that you could only previously have imagined. Well, what are you waiting for?

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