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Want Success? Do This ONE THING

What if there was ONE THING you could do to achieve more success in every area of your life? Would you do it? This ONE THING is, “Pay Attention!” Problems often occur when we are not paying attention. For example:

  • The engine warning light on the dashboard of your car glows red and you ignore it.
  • Your monthly bank statement arrives and you disregard it.
  • Neglecting to check the scales, you continue to eat your nightly bowl of ice cream.
  • You close the door to your residence without checking to see if it’s locked.

As human beings, we have a unique ability to allow our minds to stray into the future. By focusing our attention on something other than the present situation, we are able to learn, plan and reason. However, while we are investigating the future, we are not residing in the present moment.

Try doing the three things listed below for thirty days and you will find yourself doing the ONE THING that will enhance your ability to succeed, which is “Pay Attention.”

Get more sleep. You will find it very difficult to stay focused on anything when you lack sleep, because your brain is not only tired, it’s confused, Six to eight hours a night should be enough.

Eliminate as many distractions as possible. Due to the advent of electronics and multi-media, we are the most distracted generation in the history of America. Put down your phone, turn off your radio, television and computer. You’ll be amazed at how much your ability to focus on the present moment will improve.

Clean up your mess. No matter how often we peer into the future or travel back to the past, in order to focus on the present moment, we all need some order in our environment. This includes our home, our work space and even our automobile. It doesn’t have to be pristine. Simply make it less cluttered.

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